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4 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Garden

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A beautiful garden is a key aspect in any home and is one of the best features in any property. A garden is a wonderful place to enjoy a quiet summer evening or have a barbeque with close friends and family. However, in order to develop a lovely garden, you must plan and do some careful research. There are many ways in which you can create a fun and beautiful garden by combining dramatic plants, flowers, decorations and lighting. You can thus create a unique garden and make it stand out with decorative flourishes. Let’s have a look at some ways in which you can make your garden unique and beautiful.

Choosing a Theme for Your Garden

Although most people don’t consider a theme for the garden, doing so will give a more specific decorative framework. There will be a clash in colours and structures if the plants differ from each other a lot and therefore create a dissonant ambience. You can focus on a few types of gardens, for example, a tropical garden will have brightly coloured plants and flowers that are fairly large and noticeable. You can add a large sculpture and a water fountain to bring out a typical tropical vibe. A Japanese garden, on the other hand, will entail smaller plants and flowers such as blooming cherry blossoms and tranquil fountains that are small and quiet.

Deciding On the Colours

Colours always add a visual interest to any garden. While you don’t have to have perfectly matching garden flowers, it would be nice to have them themed out. Decide on the overall colours of the garden including the containers, pots and other decorations you plan on adding as these will affect the colour scheme. Look at lifestyle, home and garden websites and magazines to find inspiration. For example, if you want to include outdoor chairs then it would be best to pick colours that match the colour scheme. So if you want to go for a pink and purple theme, flowers such as pink azaleas, bellflowers along with grey, brown furniture would have a neutral yet attractive combination.

Making Use of Reusable Objects

You can personalize your garden by creating objects from your home, so instead of using pots and planters just bought off a store, add some visual interest by using old metal buckets or toolboxes for example. Garage sales, thrift stores or online through various classified ads will help you find very unique pieces. Some other types of containers that you make use are old, rusted wheelbarrows, watering cans, milk jugs are all just a few creative ways you can light up your garden.

Creating Pathways

You can create a pathway to further give a sense of frame to your garden using materials such as small stepping stones, gravel or crushed limestone. Fill up with pieces of wood, or paving blocks or coloured stones to make the garden look more organized. You can purchase these from the local home and garden store or even a hardware store.

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