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Best Indoor Plants for Air-Conditioned Offices

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Who would’ve thought that plants actually bring countless benefits to a workplace? Indoor plants are proven to make a workplace more conducive, making the workers more productive and motivated in their work. Aside from making an office more lively and beautiful, plants also improves the air quality inside. You can also have an instant eye-refresher by just adoring those beautiful green growing things.

However, not all plants thrive in fully air-conditioned workplaces. Here are the best indoor plants that grow best in this kind of indoor condition.

Tray Gardens

If you have a significant space that looks dull and lifeless, why not try tray gardens? It consists of various plants grown on a tray but the most popular for indoor use is the succulent tray garden. Simply mount it over a sunny wall and mist it from time to time to keep them healthy. Garden Beet specializes in creating the best vertical gardens for homes, offices and even business establishments. Visit their site if you want to beautify a space in a natural way.

Jade Plant

Jade plant is a type of succulent that requires minimal watering and maintenance. They are also small in size, making them perfect to plant on those little adorable pots. They also blossom every once in a while which adds to their simple beauty. Jade plant is also called ‘money plant’ in Japan and is said to bring financial success to the owner. No wonder many office workers love having a pot of this plant in their office desk.


If you love plants with uniquely coloured foliage, then a bromeliad surely fits your preferences. They come in different foliage colours making them the perfect choice if you want to add some splash of colour to a dull space. Place them in clusters on dull corners of the office and see how they transform it.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are one of the best plants that thrive well in air-conditioned spaces. They thrive well when kept away from sunlight so you really don’t need to mind where your place them. Peace lilies grow beautiful white blossoms which add a tropical flair to a workplace. This plant also prefers moist soil conditions, perfect for heavily air-conditioned offices.

Snake Plant

Snake plants have dark green leaves with yellow bands on the outer edges. Its leaves can grow fairly tall if well taken care of. Because of their growth nature, snake plants are usually used as natural partitions between office spaces.


Just like the jade plant, cactus is also part of the succulent family. They come in different shapes, sizes and colour. Small varieties look great when placed over office desks and big ones can be clustered together with other plants to create a focal point. These plants require less watering yet lots of sunlight so make sure to place them near a window where they could get plenty of sunshine.

There is no doubt that plants truly have plenty of benefits when grown indoors.

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