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Gardening 101: Discover the Green Thumb in You

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Some say that gardening is a boring hobby to dive into. You are under the heat of the sun and you have to deal with some inevitable insect bites. Even though you have allotted so much time for it, there is no assurance that your seeds would grow into a healthy plant. Apparently, all of these claims are true as gardening is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of patience, commitment, and dedication for you to grow a plant. Once you try it, it’s actually fun and makes you optimistic. Who knows, you might discover that, after all, you possess a green thumb.

The Garden Plot

The basics of a planting revolve burying a seed in a small heap of soil. However, before doing so, you must understand the area where you intend to plant your seeds. Not every plant grows in all areas worldwide. This is the reason why cactus only grows in tropical countries, and water lilies in the body of water. There is a high probability that your plant might not withstand the snow during the winter season. Hence, it is important you keep yourself abreast of the climate in your plot so you know which plant would thrive.


Just like any beginner, you have to start with the easy round – Level 1 – or those plants that easily grow. Are you wondering what these plants are? Simple! These are your basic vegetables that you eat daily. These kinds of plants are those that do not take much time to grow. Compared to other plants, they take only a few weeks before you see a significant improvement. If you start with vegetables, you’ll be inspired to plant more due to your early success. After which, you can move to a more challenging round – Level 2.


Similar to any event, it is vital that you create a game plan on how you want your plants to be. Remember that distance and seasonality play a crucial role in your plants’ growth. For example, a perennial plant that survives for more than 2 years should be planted at 18 inches apart. Anything less than it would only crowd the plant. Familiarize yourself with the plant and know their highs and lows so you can consider such in your decisions.


Apart from all the research and planning work that you have to do, it is important that you uphold the value of patience. Gardening is not a one-shot hobby that you can easily accomplish. It just doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, which takes up some time. In fact, impatience could adversely affect your planting journey as your desire to grow your plants rapidly might lead to you overwatering – which will only kill the plant itself. So take a step back and keep yourself patient and calm. Who knows, your gardening efforts might lead you to establish a landscaping business or to even buy a Jims Mowing franchise in the future.

If you look closely into it, you will soon realize that gardening, indeed, is a fun activity. You don’t have to work every day, but you have to maintain your plants. Yes, it may take some time but it will surely pay off in the end. Don’t lose hope and start venturing into gardening today!

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