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How to Add Style to Your Home

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With all these new trends for homeowners constantly being updated on the Internet and on magazines, you probably look around your house and see the potential for some stylish changes too. Make use of this divine inspiration that’s suddenly hit you because these moments are fleeting in the hustle and bustle of daily lives. Up your household with a few simple steps and blow the socks off your guests at the same time! Read on for more.

The Entrance

The first impression people get of your home is your garden and your front door. It’s a real shame if you ignore this aspect of your home, as many others have. Look up ‘garden landscaping near me’ to have professionals come and give your garden a complete makeover, with a stylish centrepiece and priceless additions in-between to glam it up. This will truly add style to your home. When it comes to your doorway, make sure to refresh it with a round of paint if it looks dull and also consider updating your house number to something more eye-catching and bold.


This is a golden rule that will work its magic in any household- display your stuff in threes. A trio of items, especially those that vary in material, height and depth, add a unique aesthetic to the house. They create an appealing sense of balance that simply cannot do you wrong.

The Bookshelf

We all know how the bookshelf always make you seem far more intellectual than you are! This is precisely why you need to give it more attention. The most common arrangement is probably stacking books vertically but break this tradition by alternating between horizontal and vertical piles of books. This makes your collection far more visually interesting to look at rather than making use of a rigid pattern.

Liquid Soap Bottles

It all comes down to those tiny details that your guests will undoubtedly notice. Instead of those cheap looking, plastic hand wash bottles switch them out for some transparent bottles. They look far more stylish and updated. Don’t just do this to your kitchen sinks, but for the bathroom as well!


Add some lush greenery into your home like a pot of herbs or vase of flowers. This gives your room a more airy appearance while making it far more fragrant as well! Don’t go for an over the top placement but rather a casually put together one, that doesn’t look like you’re trying to try too hard.


Your guests don’t have to know that you drink water out of the tap, having a pitcher handy definitely ups your water serving game. Add a few cucumber or fruits to make infused water and you definitely have a classy game ahead of you.

These are a few simple ways to add style to your home! Make sure to make use of your creativity and open those windows to let some fresh air in every once in a while.

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