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How To Make Maximum Use Of Your Garden Space?

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Having ample garden space is not something all of us are blessed with. If you are, then here are few tips on what to do with it, and to make better use of it.

Plant something…anything

You have the space for it, so why not try planting something in it? We understand completely that you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to spare, but it could help your stress level decrease. So wouldn’t it be worth the time you spend in it? If this is simply not possible, then hire a gardener to do the job for you, and enjoy the fruits of their hard work…quite literally! If not being a green thumb is what’s stopping you from trying your hand at gardening, we suggest you give succulent gardens a research. Even the most beginners to gardening will find it hard to kill these plants!

Make it more inviting

Make it a more inviting place to linger in, so that people (you included) will feel more tempted to use the space. Install luxury garden furniture, from garden seats to coffee tables to even garden swings, it’s up to you to decide the extent you want to go. Apart from that, creating a path through your garden using stepping stones gives it a quaint and welcoming feel, asking your visitors tacitly to explore it. You might also want to consider installing night garden lights. This makes this space accessible even in the later parts of the day.

Make it safe for everyone

If you have children or pets, then having a garden can feel a little unsafe. After all, media is very quick to show you how easily predators can enter a home through a defenseless garden. Get rid of this fear from your heart. Invest in steady and reliable privacy fences. Make sure to install a below the ground fence if you have a dog as they are notorious for digging their way under the fence. Be warned this step might sometimes make your garden appear smaller, depending on the kind of fence design you opt for.

Give it purpose

As popular as it is, gardens are not only for the flowers. Nor is a space for tanning or a safe place for your kids to play in the only purpose for it. Try to be innovative with repurposing the area. During the summer have mini picnics in the garden with the family, or host your parties outdoors. If you work from home, carry your laptop and foldable table out to the porch or the garden and work outdoors. You’ll be surprised at how efficiently your work flows when you are outdoors…!

Put some effort into it

If you are a first-time gardener, give yourself a break if you mess up or if you let a few plants die. These things take time to perfect. Put in a little effort to make your outdoor spaces more useful. If it is your porch that you are working on, don’t feel bad if you don’t have the time or the funds to do it all at once; making it look perfect in an instant. It’s ok that you’re taking your time. What matters is that you are making an effort to make use of the spaces.

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