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How to Spruce Up Your Garden

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Do you want your garden to be the go-to place for inspiration around the block? A Pinterest worthy landscape, if you will. Well, that’s easily fixed; sprucing up your garden is a long-time commitment when you consider maintenance but it’s well worth the end results and the admiring looks thrown your way. Read below for some great ways you can spice up your garden!


Glass lights and other outdoor lighting systems are a smashing hit. While obviously showcasing your garden even at night, they’re capable of creating a romantic and intense ambiance that will definitely get you the right sort of attention provided you choose subtle twinkling lights.

Plant Couches

A plant couch is an incredibly innovative way of having furniture in your lawn. You can create it in different sizes and shapes using mud, bricks and grass seed! The result is eco-friendly furniture. However, you’ll need to remember to regularly trim them as they could grow wild and this will ruin the look you’re going for.


Planters are a great way of getting flexible and creative with your garden. You get them in plenty of modern designs, from multilevel pot planters to the hanging wire variety. Using this beats the usual terracotta pot and will definitely spice up your garden.

Flower Beds

We mean flower beds quite literally here! Yet another creative way of giving your lawn that wow factor. This step includes planting the headboard and footboard of your ‘flower’ bed in the soil and using the actual space between to plant your seeds. Gradually your adorable flower bed will take bloom and form a riot of colour. This is perfect for big gardens looking to add statement pieces. Pinterest will really help you out when it comes to deciding how to arrange it.


Fencing helps protect your garden from unwanted critters but also beautifies your space by incorporating an eye-catching, adorable gateway to your plot of land. Sometimes you’re not looking mass-produced, common fences. You’ll be looking to get creative and customize your fence according to your home with all those little embellishments in-between. For that very purpose, get your fence building supplies here. You can also engage in fence art and have a personal art show in your very own garden! It’s a great way to introduce that art component if you’re an artist or art lover.

DIY Seating

Casual seating arrangements are a must when you have a pretty garden to showcase. Consider a DIY cedar bench that can also act as a planter if you wish! There are plenty of tutorials if DIY is just up your alley!


Nothing spices up a garden like a good old dash of colour. You can do this by adding more flower beds or painting stones, the front door- anything that will add some colour to our garden!

Follow these steps and you’re sure to get an eye-grabbing, Pinterest worthy garden to show off to your neighbours in no time!

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