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Residential Landscape and Garden Maintenance Tips

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A landscape or a garden truly increases the aesthetic appeal of your home. Having colourful flowers, shrubs and even trees in your property adds life and colour around your home. It’s so easy to start growing a garden, the challenging part is how to keep it growing and alive throughout the year. If you’re still starting out, here are some garden maintenance tips for every season of the year.


When choosing flowers for your garden or landscape, make sure you have both perennial and annual ones to have a garden blooming all year round. Plant perennials during spring and fall while annuals only on spring. As the flowers are still growing, be sure to water them to encourage fast and healthy growth. A little fertilizer is needed to keep them well-nourished especially during their flowering season. Check the plants from time to time and remove dead blossoms and yellow leaves to keep them tidy. Replace annuals when they are starting to wither off to keep your garden looking fresh. Winterize your garden by adding 3 to 4 inch layer of mulch on the flowerbed. If you don’t have much time to maintain your garden, you can always contact a gardener Preston to keep your garden beautiful.

Shrubs and Vines

Shrubs and vines are usually planted along the sides of the house to soften the look of its edges. However, they need to be maintained well so they retain their shape and won’t look messy. Spring is the best time to trim and prune shrubs. Aside from cutting off unwanted growth, you can also reshape them during this time. Be sure to water them regularly and deeply during summer to keep them healthy and lush.


The lawn is usually one of the first things people notice when looking at your yard so keeping it well maintained is a plus. Frequent mowing during spring is needed since the grass grows quickly during this season. However, never cut it too short to avoid stressing the grass. Be sure to fertilize them a bit for healthier growth. It’s okay to mow during summer as long as you don’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass. Water them regularly during summer to encourage healthy growth. Clear up weeds because they will compete with nutrients for your grass. It is not advisable to mow during winter, but you can do so if it is really needed.


Having trees around adds some shade and also beauty to your yard. Just like any other garden plant, trees also need to be well maintained to keep them looking great all year round. Trimming and pruning is recommended during spring to encourage blossoming and new growth. Make sure there is just the right amount of mulch around the tree to keep the ground moist. Insect infestation is common during summer so check your trees if they have one. An arborist can handle any infestation present.

Regular garden maintenance makes the task a lot easier to manage. It might be overwhelming at first but the results are surely wonderful.

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