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Simple Ideas to Convert Your Garden into A Safe Place for Your Child

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With the arrival of video games, children hardly ever play outdoors. However, time with nature is important for their mental wellbeing, so it’s important they get it. If you have an adequate size garden, then this should do the trick.

Put up the fences

This nearly goes without saying, as the horror stories of little children running onto busy roads continue to play with our nightmares. However, you should make sure you install the right kind of fence. It should be a fence tall enough to keep your child’s toys from flying out…and tall enough so that your child can’t climb over it. Don’t be fooled, children are like trapeze artists when they put their mind to something. If you have a dog, and it’s your child’s playmate, then we suggest you build the fence starting from below the ground. This is to make sure your dog doesn’t escape and make your child go after him to “rescue” him.

Security cameras can scare off the potential threats

Do hear us out before you brush it off thinking it’s simply too much of effort to put in. Installing a security camera in plain sight to the road will discourage any burglar or potential threat to your baby. However, apart from this obvious benefit, it’s also a great way to keep an eye on your little one while giving him space. This is, of course, if your child is very young and needs supervision.

Protect your child from the sun

Nowadays, no matter where you live, protection against the sun is necessary. There are a few ways to do so if you opt to encourage your child to play outdoors often. Installing a shade sail is one, as it can provide the shade and block out the harsh UV rays. Dressing your child appropriately and making sure he applies sunscreen before heading out is another method, once you need to make sure he’s through with. If you live in Perth, then you can easily find custom shade sails Perth based to suit your garden’s needs. Online purchasing is also a great option.

Make sure the plants around the play area are safe

Let us make this easy for you. If you have a single plant that has thorns in your entire garden, and even if it’s well away from your child’s play area, he will still find a way to fall into that particular plant and hurt himself. Don’t ask us why or how, that’s just how children do things. Your safest bet would be to clear out any potentially harmful plant (also includes rotten trees), permanently. You might also want to keep an eye out for plants that may get an allergic reaction from your child.

Have something to help them play

We know that children are very imaginative, and that they can fare pretty well when left by themselves. However, it still pays to give your child a little extra something to encourage him to go out there and play in the outdoors. Whether it’s Frisbees, doll houses, their own swing, a bouncy castle…it all depends on your child and your budget.

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