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Simple Yet Stunning Backyard Decorating Ideas

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The backyard is a special part of every home. It is where you get to enjoy some outdoor times with your family, receive guests and friends and even spend some quiet time alone. Many people think that smaller backyards have limited options when it comes to decorating. However, whether your yard is big or small, there are plenty of ways to make it look stunning. Here are some great backyard decorating ideas that can be applied even on small spaces.

Pond and Waterfall

Adding these two features can make your yard look full of life. Just the plain sight of flowing water soothes and relaxes almost anyone. Add the sound of trickling water that surely melts stress away after a long day. Complete the pond by adding freshwater fish or other aquatic creatures. To save space, try installing them on a corner or by the wall.

Garden Deck

Having a place to relax on your garden makes it even more functional and inviting. You don’t have to spend a lot of fortune in a garden deck. By utilizing space-saving designs and budget-friendly furniture and decor, you’ll be able to achieve a simple deck. Savour a cup of coffee or any of your favourite drink in the solace of nature.


For kids and even those who are kids at heart, a garden swing can truly make their day. Swing sets are great if you have a big yard space. For smaller yards, try installing a rope swing instead. It doesn’t consume much space because you can simply hang them on a sturdy tree.


Who said that pools are only good for big yards? You can still enjoy a backyard swimming pool even if you have limited space. A small inground pool is a perfect way to decorate and make your yard more fun. Round pools are the most popular pick among homeowners because the design maximizes space. To freshen up an old backyard pool, go for pool renovations Northern Beaches.

Tree Bench

If you have a tree in your yard, adding a tree bench around it surely makes it welcoming to people. Tree benches add a lot of seating area in your yard without taking up too much space. Make sure to give enough growing space if you’re building it on young trees.

Decorative Planters

One way to accent special plants in your yard is to place them on decorative planters. There are plenty of designs and sizes to choose from depending on what you’re going to plant. If you have tree stumps in your yard, utilize them by planting on them. Why spend a fortune on removing them when you can use them to beautify your yard anyway?

Pebble Pathways

Make the walk around your yard more inviting by creating pebble pathways around it. Try to route the path around flowerbeds, garden deck, and any feature you want to make more special. Pebbles are affordable so you can always do this trick with only little budget.

Small yard spaces should never be dull and boring. With these great backyard ideas, you can surely achieve a beautiful yard.

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