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7 Reasons Why Indoor Plants Are Must-Haves for Your Home and Office

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Other than paintings, porcelains, vases and busts, indoor plants are also very popular as interior decorations. But unbeknown to most, they do more than just bring the beauty of nature within your four walls. Indoor plants also have a variety of amazing benefits for your health and work life which makes them must have items in your home and office.

Gives More Life to Any Room

Indoor plants can light up a room and make it livelier. It has a unique property to put a room together beautifully compared to paintings and other forms of art. This can be attributed to the same sensation we get when we are near trees and flowers.

Purifies the Air

House plants are natural air purifiers. We all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. But that just happens during the day. Unknowingly, during night time, this process ceases, with the exception of certain succulents and cacti which continue to release oxygen all through the night. So, why spend on expensive air purifiers that need to be replenished or replaced every now and then? You can check out Dans Plants wholesale succulents to get your very own natural air purifier!

Enhances Productivity Levels

There have been numerous studies that proved how the presence of plants can improve concentration, memory and productivity. Working under their natural influence can give you the ability to focus and make higher work quality and accuracy.

Wards off Illnesses

They are natural means to deter illnesses. Various agricultural universities, based on their research, have discovered how indoor plants decrease the occurrence of dry skin, colds, dry coughs and sore throats. Other studies have also shown that indoor plants increase humidity which can actually decrease the ability of the flu virus to survive and be transmitted to others.

Promotes Better Sleep

Plants can help you get rid of your insomnia. Some indoor plants have the ability to give off a soothing effect to a person’s body and mind. This, in turn, lowers blood pressure and heart rate which are key ingredients to a good night’s sleep.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety Levels

Feeling the weight of your workload? Try putting a small potted plant on your work desk or maybe a slightly bigger one in the corner of your room. Other than lowering heart rate and blood pressure to be able to sleep well, this ability also helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels. These green potted buddies can help you boost your mood.

Improves Overall Health and Wellbeing

With all the benefits you’ve just read, when you put them together, you come up with the amazing realization that indoor plants have the capacity to improve your overall health and wellbeing. They just have this unique ability to improve people’s physiological responses to fatigue, stress, pain, and even recovery.

An indoor plant is a perfect example of “there’s more to it than meets the eye”. So with all the benefits you’ve just read, why not start placing a pretty potted plant in your home and office now.

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