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How To Make Your Home An Antique Haven

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Being an old soul or an antique lover in the wrong century could be frustrating. Goods that make your heart flutter may either be very expensive or extinct. You may have either acquired the taste through old movies or your grandparents or maybe you just really loved the Salvatore house in the vampire diaries. Either way, if you can’t have everything there are ways you could have something. Let me tell you how.

Pay Visits To The Flea Market

The flea market is your best friend when it comes to purchasing antique products. Not everyone likes antique items, they might want to exchange it for something new or maybe sell it out for something new. You could make it a habit to visit it once a month to see what’s new, or old, in the market and purchase away. However, try not to spend too much or a ridiculous amount on a certain item as it is easy to get carried away whilst shopping.

You could also keep an eye out for yard sales, maybe a child might not like what aunt Lynda passed on to her so she wants to sell it to collect for a new gaming console. You never know when luck might strike.

Drapes Are A Big Deal

Have you ever entered a really old home, a royal one, maybe through a movie or in reality if you’re lucky enough? Have you noticed that the draperies tend to be dense, elegant and very royal looking? Maybe they are made of thick velvet or the lovely Chinese silk, it makes you want to drape in it like princess anna from frozen. It is not hard to find such lovely and beautiful curtains in the modern era, or maybe something modern that makes you nostalgic for the sixties or time even beyond. Go to a website or visit the store physically, feel them with your palms and decide how royal you want to be.

The Furniture Doesn’t Have To Be Authentic

If you’ve noticed, most antique homes tend to be rustic but not in the week manner, everything is either made out of wood or glass of course, but wood so strong that could stand a blow. Of course, you get modern replicas of apothecary tables but they could be quite different from the real deal. It is not easy to find such furniture but you could always opt for the modern version of what you’re looking for, after all, you want to take away hearts, not souls.

If the flea market doesn’t work, you could browse through catalogues of other furniture shops that advertises or takes pride in their ‘sixties collection’.

Invest In Something Big If It’s Possible

You could purchase an antique cupboard but one thing about an old soul is the love for showing off. So why not go extravagant and purchase exquisite silverware or glassware, or maybe an extravagant tablecloth. Or why not go all the way and get an extravagant chandelier.

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